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Tomohiro is a visual novel created in batch, throughout the story you will make plenty of choices  that will affect the final outcome of the game.

Tomohiro is not completed, it was meant to be finished for May but due to some delays,
I was only able to complete a fifth of the game. For now the game will automaticly crash after the interaction you have with John after school. If the game crashes  before that please file a bug report.

Sakura is still in school she is a normal innocent and new to the school she is in. However, she keeps having nightmares about a little boy called Tomohiro, this nightmare seems to be haunting her everyday life.

To file a bug report comment down about what happened and how

The game is paused right now but I might develop it in a near future.

Install instructions

Dowload and double click. The game is not a virus! It says it is beacuase it was created in batch but dont worry feel safe while downloading!


Debug.Tomohiro-0.4.bat 463 kB

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